Season 2, Episode 4: Homicidal Ham

Picture 30

Original Air Date: October 27, 1983.

Written By: David Lloyd

Plot: Andy Andy returns, and Diane takes it upon herself to help him build a new life on the outside.  She fully commits to helping him realize his dreams of being an actor, but when they perform a scene from Othello for the bar, Diane learns it is a fine line between truth and fiction.

Thoughts: You can't keep a cherubic ex-con down.  This time though, Diane's sympathy for him trumps her fear, and she lets her altruistic savior bent blind her to Andy's psychotic leanings.  It's hilarious watching her figure out his state of mind while on stage, trying to keep her best show face on while fearing imminent death.  Turns out Andy is a pretty decent Othello, but is from the Method school.  It seems like it takes forever for the gang to figure out he's really trying to kill her, and it's actually tense for a moment there!  I love Diane's reaction to the near strangulation-- she looks almost as crazy as him.  Sam is very sweet until we learn he's most concerned about keeping his after-hours rendezvous with Diane.  He can't be serious, right?

Random: Andy's wearing those funny red Chucks again, made all more amusing worn with his Elizabethan costume.  Isn't Diane just too pretty in that dress?  Kudos to wardrobe.

"S.M. plus D.C." "Don't you recognize that man? The ex-convict you paid to date me? Who murdered a waitress and fantasizes his hands are claws?" "Oh yeah, how'd you happen to remember him?” "You know the old saying: 'Use a gun, go to Cape Cod.'" "One murder does not a murderer make." "'I hope she's showing you one hell of a good time." "Show folk." “Don't touch me, I barely know you!" "He'll be sick about it in the morning." "Help! This psycho's trying to kill me!!" “Mommy! I'll clean up my room, Mommy!" "I hope you fry for this."